Jimmy Le

Instructor at OTA Portland School
2nd Dan Black Belt

When I was young, I was reluctant to join taekwondo; however, with the encouragement of my parents, I joined and have been involved for over 20 years.  I mirrored my dad’s belt timeline (Be Le) with attaining my 1st degree and 2nd degree black belts in 1996 and 1998.  As I got older, I learned to appreciate the skills and knowledge from taekwondo that other activities could not offer with discipline, leadership, self-control, and self-confidence.  

As a result, I became a regular fixture at the school as I taught the advanced evening youth/adult classes.  For a short span, I was co-captain of the school’s demonstration team as we went around the Portland area showcasing our art.  I am also involved with the some of the school’s events such as with the outdoor events and the anniversary party.  

At the moment, my involvement with the school has been limited as I am doing my graduate studies at Oregon State University.  Nonetheless, I try to stop by the school whenever I can to help out with classes.


Mr Be Le

Instructor at OTA Portland School
2nd Dan Black Belt

I began practicing taekwondo in 1993 under the instruction of Grand Master Jay Kyun Shin.  I received my 1st degree black belt in 1996 followed by my 2nd degree black belt in 1998. I have been involved with many taekwondo tournaments and seminars in the Portland area.  

Since then, I have continued my involvement with the school in many capacities through teaching, coaching, and coordinating some of the school events.  I primarily teach the morning adult classes and enjoy instilling knowledge and wisdom to my students.  

Taekwondo has provided me with many physical and emotional benefits that go beyond the kicking and punching.  I have learned that this sport also provides many health advantages.

I have two children, one a 2nd degree and another a 1st degree black belt, and they both play a significant role in the school’s operations

Brandon Ha

Instructor at OTA Portland School
3rd Dan Black Belt

My journey into Taekwondo started in 2005 in Portland, Oregon. As a child, my mindset was "I want to be just like Jackie Chan". However as I continued to get older, many aspect of the Taekwondo philosophy had expanded my thinking. Besides the passion for sports and competition, I have developed leadership skills that had benefited me for other aspects of my life such as school and volunteering in the community. 

In 2009 I received my 1st dan black belt and since then have been heavily active in the Taekwondo community. For example, becoming Oregon state champion and USA National silver medalist for Sparring. I had also volunteered regularly as an instructor & coach for multiple facilities and referee for local tournaments. 

To this day, I am continuing my Taekwondo journey as Head of Information Technology team captain for the 2015 OTA Elite. My goal to is make it onto the USA Team and represent my country in the 2020 Olympic games. 


Nicholas Nguyen

Instructor at OTA Portland School
2nd Dan Black Belt

I have been doing Taekwondo for 8 years now.  I started at the age of 16 under the guidance of Master Frenel Ostin.  Currently a 2nd degree black belt I have experience in all aspects of Taekwondo including sparring, competitions and seminars.  

I am planning on getting a bachelor's in criminology and becoming a translator for the courts as well as maintain my goals in teaching taekwondo to students.

Melvin Ober

Instructor at OTA West linn School
2nd Dan Black Belt

Started training in Taekwondo in 1992 under then 5 time World Champion Kick-boxer Victor Solier at his WTF school in Poulsbo, WA.  The program was heavily geared toward competitive taekwondo.  Under Sabeomnim Solier I was able to achieve numerous First and Second place awards in poomse, sparring and weapons (bo staff) from the many tournaments our school attended throughout the Pacific Northwest including Gold medals in both poomse and sparring at the 1993 Washington State Championship.  I trained with Sabeomnim Solier up to the level of red belt in 1996 at which time he moved with his family to Puerto Rico, his native homeland.  

In December of 2011 I meet Master Frenel Ostin and continued on my path in taekwondo. Training 3-4 hours a day 7 days a week I was able to get back on track and achieve the level of Black Belt in December 2012.  Since that time I have continued to develop my skills and find a way to pass on my passion for taekwondo through instructing.  I look forward to continuing my taekwondo education to the level of master and beyond.  My future pursuits include a Black Belt in Hapkido, becoming an International Referee, and running my own taekwondo school.