Strive for Excellence

Our exclusive Black Belt Club is specially developed program for all students regardless of age or rank. However, it represents the highest level of our “Success through Goal Setting” philosophy. All BBC members are able to attend multiple classes weekly which train each student at a higher level toward their black belt level goals. Weapons, self-defense maneuvers, and advanced board breaking are some of the Black Belt Level aspects taught in these classes. This program is offered to students that have successfully completed the assessment level program and/or Little Dragons program.


  • Program guide to achieving the black belt level

  • Available for students who complete the beginner programs

  • Students with previous experience may become a BBC member with instructor approval

  • Available by invitation only

Program Outlook

  • Black belt level achievement program

  • Practice advance Taekwondo techniques

  • Enhance self defense skills

  • Introduction to weapons practice

  • Advanced Board Breaking

  • Access to BBC classes & events

  • Enhance all benefits introduced in Assessment Level & Little Dragon programs

  • Receive exclusive Taekwondo uniform for BBC members